About us

Automotive Computer Diagnostics on-site - bgdiagnostika.com was foundеd in 2011 by its current owner, Martin Yonov. At that time the service was relatively new to the Bulgarian market, but it gain popularity fast, because it saves the customers time and costs for solving their problems. Also, the on-site diagnosis is very useful when buying used cars in Bulgaria, it gives the client an overall picture for the technical state of the vehicle. Bgdiagnostika.com works with equipment designed primarily for the particular brand of cars, this allows to make  complete diagnosis of all modules of the vehicle and makes easier the process of detecting and defining the problems. At this moment we have the necessary tools for diagnosing most of the officially presented brands on the Bulgarian market. The constant supply with newer equipment and specialized tools allows us to diagnose the problem with higher accuracy and solved it on-site, that is highly appreciated by most customers. This helps us to improve and regularly to expand the range of our services. Today, besides on-site diagnostics, we can offer our customers complete maintenance of their own cars and fleets. We have a complete network of trusted auto repair shops, spare parts and consumables suppliers, insurance brokers and everything needed for the overall care of your vehicle. Because from the very beginning the concept of Bgdiagnostika.com is to provide correct service, rapid problem solving and customer satisfaction.